Why Hungarian Women Are Wild! [ Sexy & Boob-balicious ]

hungarian women

Why Hungarian Women Are Wild! [ Sexy & Boob-balicious ]


Why Hungarian Women Are Wild! [ Sexy & Boob-balicious ]

hungarian women

Beautiful. Gorgeous. Sexy. Stunning. Boob-balicious. These are just a small sample of identifiers often used to describe Hungarian women.

By whom?

By those who have had the pleasure of visiting this endearing landlocked nation!

All right, all right, that last identifier? I made that up.

None of my Eastern Europe serial-dating buddies have ever used that term whenever the subject of dating Hungarian girls comes up in a conversation.

But we are all thinking about it, right? 😉

Physical tidbits of Hungarian women

But it’s also a fitting one to use in this regard because during my stay in Budapest, the country’s capital, I saw plenty of wonderfully busty Hungarian chicks.

Granted, every nation in this world has her fair share of ‘boob-balicious’ ladies. Of course, when going by my personal observation, in Budapest, Hungary, they seemed to be a higher number of buxom women.

Especially compared to other major cities I’ve been to within the Eastern European region.

However, in comparison to women in Poland, Slovakia, Romania or Prague of the Czech Republic, I noticed a lot more overweight Hungarian ladies out and about in Budapest.

Bad Rejections

As far as receptiveness to being approach, unfortunately, they aren’t as open or as friendly as the women in the aforementioned cities.

In fact, I was subjected to a fair amount of disrespectful rejections even though my approaches were carried out in ways befitting of let’s just say, ahem…a world-class international serial dater.

But don’t let this discourage you from pursuing your noble lifelong goal of dating Hungarian women and making hot passionate love to them!

Fact of the matter is there are many friendly and non-stuck-up hot Hungarian womenthat you can hook up with, either in Budapest, or in the smaller cities.

Not just in Budapest..

Keep in mind that my experiences in approaching and dating Hungarian ladies,were limited to only within Budapest as I didn’t get a chance to venture into the smaller cities.

Word around the campfire of those active in the…ahem ahem…Eastern European dating tourism circle, is that it is a lot easier to bag a nice, good-looking, Hungarian girlfriendin small towns or lower-tier cities as these places tend to have substantially less foreigners—or even none at all, making you an exotic standout.

When you are the exotic one in a place that offers little to no competition from other foreign guys, how high do you think your chances are of scoring dates with a couple or so beautiful Hungarian women?

Pretty high I would say, as long as you are well-dressed and groomed, plus you got your approaching game down pat.

Smaller cities and towns are not exciting enough for you? Still want to take a crack at Budapest?

Okay, listen up…

The best places to meet Hungarian ladies in Budapest

hungarian women

Picturesque old-style European architecture, relaxing thermal baths, numerous arresting sights, and beautiful women who speak good English all make Budapest a spectacular city to visit, one of the best in Europe.

The downside of this city with respect to reeling in dates is that, like Prague, it’s chock-full of tourists and backpackers, particularly in August.

According to a few locals whom I spent time with, the city has earned a bit of a reputation as a haven for lustful foreign men, which is likely the reason behind the general lack of warmness of the women I approached, as well as the rather high amount of rude rejections that I received (NO, my approaching was solid, and NO, I didn’t dress up like a hobo, okay?).

Still, friendly and chatty hot Hungarian girls are around, and with patience, you’ll unearth them like I did. Here are a few places to start.

During the day

hungarian girls

Check out the areas between the Central European University and the city center. You’ll find countless of pretty university girls walking by and they make excellent potential dates—that is if you’re interested in going out with early 20s university students.

There were these two girls who kind of looked like popular Hungarian models, Barbara Palvin and Vanessa Axente.

I tried hitting on the Axente lookalike, and though she rejected my advances, she did so nicely and with an utterly beautiful smile thrown my way, “Ooooh you seem sweet, but I have to get to class.”


Eventually, I did score a date with a university girl who I approached on this one street located between the city center and the university.


Young professional Hungarian chicks can also be found in various areas around the city center, but in my experience interacting with several of them, they tend to be very driven in life and not that easy to game.

During night time

Ahhhh, the nightclubs and bars scattered throughout the streets of Budapest are your best friends. If you want to meet Hungarian ladies by the truckload, head down to these venues.

Between April and June, in particular, you’ll find no shortage of easy-on-the-eye university students.


Terrific party atmosphere, fantastic music, and lots of good people, this nightclub is a great place to hook up with not only the local lasses, but also with gals from all over the world.

This place has its share of tourist crowd, but not nearly as big as at Szimpla (visit this club if you’re looking to pull dates with other foreigners).

There’s even a large tree smack dab in the middle of the open area with a gorilla décor among the branches, and it’s a really cool spot to relax with your date or to get to know a few girls.

I found the local girls hanging out here to be friendly and approachable.

Hello Baby Bar

This fantastic nightspot is located near the city center, in a palace-like building with an old ruin look to it.

The interior is gorgeous, outstanding ambience; wonderful variety of tunes played by the Djs, plus a couple of spacious dance floors so you can show off your moves and captivate those lovely looking locals!

Like Doboz, the local ladies here were pretty receptive to my approaches.


With its wonderful live music, friendly staff, cool vibe, and inexpensive drinks, this basement bar packs personality.

Girls typically go to bars and clubs in groups, but it’s not uncommon to find some solo ones chilling out in Lampas. In other words, hookup opportunities without potential cockblocking—hurrah!

It’s also the ideal venue for those of you who are into alternative girls or the hipster sorts. I saw many such girls here.

Bob (Bacardi Original Bar)

Not too shabby a place and if you’re keen on dating Hungarian womenof older age (mid-30s to 40ish), go here.

And finally, the best place to meet beautiful Hungarian girls is…drum roll please….

The Best Hungarian Dating Site?

No, this is not a bar or a club. It’s one of the nicest Hungarian dating sites around, and it’s free.

Actually,this is the first place you should visit before flying to Hungary. It’s so much better to prepare ahead by pipelining some profiles you like on that site.


This way when you arrive in Budapest, you’ll already have AT LEAST one lady that you can meet up with.

Play it smart guys!

One thought on “Why Hungarian Women Are Wild! [ Sexy & Boob-balicious ]

  1. “However, in comparison to women in Poland, Slovakia, Romania or Prague of the Czech Republic, I noticed a lot more overweight Hungarian ladies out and about in Budapest. ”

    I would add two factors,which should be taken into consideration when making such a statement:

    1.Hungarian girls are curvier,with better(bigger) tits to ass ratios than the girls in the above mentioned countries.They have more meat to the bone,in a positive way.

    So compared to the skinny,mostly flat girls (slavic in general) they could be compared as “overweight”.

    I would say hungarian girls have healthier,more “womanly” bodies.

    2.Another aspect is that,there are more young female tourists compared the above mentioned places.Lots of germans,british which have more overweight girls.It’s also possibble that from far away you mistakend some of them as hungarians too.

    The city centre,the popular bars are full of them,easily more tourists than hungarians.

    Look-wise,you should add that hungarian girls are the most varied in Europe.During their history the bloodline has been influenced by germans,slavs,turks,mongols,gypsies and countless small tribes.

    This gives them a unique,exotic look.Due to this you will see some kind of exotic looking, stunning women you will not find in any other country(in Europe).

    You will see all kinds of women.

    In this regard,Budapest has pretty much all angles covered.

    Where to meet them:

    If you want to see a high flow of young local females during the day you need to go to the Westend shopping mall (and the area around) during rush hour,that means between 15.00 and 18.00 o ‘clock i would say.

    As you mentioned, universities are also good for meeting them.

    If you want to meet hot hungarians at night in Budapest some of the best clubs are:

    Ötkert(probably the best talent)
    Bob(on Thursday or Wednesday there is “model” night)

    Kraft(also very hot girls,but more of a younger crowd)

    I hope this information was helpful.

    If you have any questions,feel free to ask.



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