The Truth About the Lviv Escort Business [ This Might Surprise You! ]

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The Truth About the Lviv Escort Business [ This Might Surprise You! ]


The Truth About the Lviv Escort Business [ This Might Surprise You! ]

When you mention Ukraine, most people will think of  Kiev or Odessa. It is true that those cities are very popular amongst tourists (and even locals) Рbut did you know that close to the Polish border there is a hidden gem?

That hidden treasure is called: Lviv!

The city of Lviv had a massive increase of tourism over the last few years. With its stunning architecture, affordable prices and great ski resorts, the city is making leaps up on the popularity scale. The increase in foreign men visiting the city has also caught the attention of the local Ukrainian women. More and more people are trying their luck to find a suitable Ukrainian wife by visiting Lviv.

Of course – You might not always succeed in the dating department – but that is why I wrote this useful guide. In this blog post I show you all the hidden tips and tricks about the sex nightlife in Lviv and how to approach it. Sit back, relax and learn a thing or two when partying in the city till the early morning lights.

Disclaimer: We do not promote or offer any adult services. All information is for educational purposes only.

The Red Light District

There isn’t a really active red light district in Lviv. You will find a lot of street workers nearby¬†Gospitalnaya St., which is located on the north side of the city. About 300 meters north from the opera building.

You can find girls here almost every night, but keep in mind that in the winter there are a lot less. It really depends on the season as their are not many expat works in Lviv, compared to Kiev and Odessa.


Prices are around 1250 UAH per hour all the way up to 2500 UAH. Street workers are almost cheapest and there are only a few hotels that offer similar services as well. These are normally around the 2500 UAH range, which is around 100 usd per hour.

Kiev Vs. Lviv

Ah – Now that is a question I get asked a lot. Kiev will always be the place to be when it comes to Ukraine. The capital is just that much more popular but that does not mean you can’t have a good time in Lviv. Overall the girls are just as pretty and the fee is much cheaper compared to Kiev. Just keep in mind that only during the summer season are the street workers active, but even if you are just interested in going for a date you can always check out the city center.

Thankfully, I wrote to informative blog post that give you all the information that you need; Dating girls from Kiev and The Ultimate guide for Picking up Kiev Escorts.

Girl friendly hotels

I strongly recommend you book your own apartment. There are only two girl friendly hotels in Lviv; Grand hotel Lviv and Hotel Opera.

Both hotels have friendly receptionists and even have prostitutes in the lobby bar.

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