How to tell if a Polish girl likes you? [ Time to find out! ]

how to tell if a polish girl likes you

How to tell if a Polish girl likes you? [ Time to find out! ]


How to tell if a Polish girl likes you?

Isn’t that the million dollar question?

You are traveling in Poland, you have met this wonderful girl and you are start to fall head over heals in love with her. But how to tell if the girl likes you as well? Time to find out!

She is testing you by not texting you to see if you miss her

They will test you if they are in love with you. You can even find out how many months you both have been going out by the number of times she types ‘x’s after each of her text messages. These are the mind games she would love to play and see how much you can hold on to your urge to text her.

Do not wait for her to text you first. It is a way for her to test your love for her and you surely do not want to fail!

She will have her legs shaves and wear matching underwear

This one you can only find out when spend more time with her. Do not expect that this will last forever though. This is something that she will start doing earlier in the relationship as she is trying to make sure she is always ready for you. This is her way of saying that she cares about you and you might get LUCKY tonight!

She wants to pamper you to make the relationship stronger.

how to know if a polish girl likes you

She will not ask you out – Like EVER!

It is an act that is so damned that it is even unspeakable and is not entertained even as a remote option. If you end up failing in this, there will be hints that will be dropped endlessly till the point of time you reach some sort of a mutual agreement.

Simple rule: It is bad etiquettes to not to ask her out as often as possible.

Girls just do not ask the guys out, that is a rule you better not forget. So, take her out on dates and she will be happy to oblige.

She will have a photo of you both on her phone in a cringe pose!

She will also feed your name in her contacts as babe and probably even have a heart next to it. This is her way of putting her man out there in the world and announcing that she is in love with you. That is a positive sign. Our smartphones are probably the most intimate thing we have and her having your picture with her as wallpaper is a huge statement!

If you ague with her, she cries!

Trust me – You will get the message as it will scream for you to stop being the mean one. This will make you feel horrible about yourself and this would mean that she has won. She is the fairer sex in the relationship and the last thing you want in loving relationship is altercations.

The reason she starts to cry is because she knows just to do that. She is not be able to stand up to you in an argument and feels weak. They also use that as their weapon to throw you into guilt. But, just the fact that she does not want a fight and cries when that happens should tell you how much in love she is with you.

And wants that golden sweet make-up sex, of course!

She complains about your hobbies – but wants to be part of it.

If she does not like sports, she will keep interrupting every one of your matches in order to ask you what you are thinking or what are the rules of the game again. However, when you are playing, she will surely be there cheering you either from the sidelines, or from the car, if it happens to be raining.

She will call you whenever she is in need of ANYTHING!

Please come and pick me up, bring me something to eat. I am hungover, please come over. Please take my bins out. You are her prince charming and she wants you by her side in good and grief. It does help of course that she is asking all these questions in a tight top with matching booty shorts.

polish women

She will eat and drink a little when she is around you

Her face looks perfect when she does that. Unless it is after a big night out, only then you will have to see that face. All her face gets smeared by the food and she wants to be that picture-perfect girl with you who never gets drunk and eats like a lady. She is doing all this to ensure that she stays the perfect picture of a lady in your mind

She will steal all your favorite clothes

It is time you said goodbye to your favorite hoodie. It does smell like you right, so it is ok. This is how she is expressing her love, it is not just a petty theft. She just loves your smell so much that it reminds her of you. That is why she keeps stealing all your clothes and can feel you even when you are not around.

She will not let you see her without make-up

Even if it means that she has to get up way early before you to put on some make-up discreetly. WOW, Imagine! She wants to look perfect for you. She had shown her best side when she got you on the hook and now wants to make sure things stay the same way.

P.S – If you want to become and expert, I suggest you read more about dating in Poland and our favorite cities to visit. I will teach you how to pick up those hot Polish girls in no-time!

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  1. I’ve been texting with a Polish woman for 3 months she’s 31 taking psychology schooling she has gone with school to Hawaii.she say’s if I pay half of the trips fees 4000 us she can stay with me and finish her program remotely.does that sound like a scam any similar stories?

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