​Partying With Girls From Wroclaw – Undiscovered Polish Beauty!

girls from wroclaw

​Partying With Girls From Wroclaw – Undiscovered Polish Beauty!


​Partying With Girls From Wroclaw – Undiscovered Polish Beauty!

Known as one of the largest cities in Poland, Wroclaw is a great hub for foreigners for multiple reasons. It has an amazing architecture, a rich nightlife and is known for having the most beautiful girls in the western side of the country.

Funny fact:

John, The men to women ratio is extremely low in Wroclaw, so there will always be lots of singles hanging around bars and nightclubs and trying to hook up.

At least, that is what one of my Polish colleagues told me and of course curiosity kills the cat so as soon as we get a weekend holiday break I hopped on a plane to Wroclaw!

Whether you want to get yourself a Monika Jagaciak or an Anna Maria Jagodzinska – famous Polish beauties, here is everything you need to know (and what I learned during my 5-day stay) when you visit Wroclaw with your boys.

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Is It Hard to Hook up in Wroclaw?

wroclaw girls

Simply put – no.

Hallelujah, right?

Wroclaw is among the biggest cities in Poland, so girls are open minded and ready to mingle. Girls in the countryside are not so open – especially to foreigners. But when it comes to big cities, you are in the right place. In fact, while the countryside is worth a visit for the beautiful scenery, girls do not make such great choices.

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The game is almost always on in a big city like Wroclaw, but especially during the night. That is when everything happens.

Basically, girls from Wroclaw like to party.

On weekends, all clubs and bars are taken over. They like to drink and dance, while alcohol and the party spirit makes them a bit loose. The club is the ideal place to find a girl in Poland – make sure she is single or at least not with a man nearby.

There are not too many rules when it comes to picking up girls. Make eye contact, smile and go talk to her – simple as that. It is worth noting that while most people speak decent English, you might find girls who can barely speak a few words. It is a matter of pure luck – the good news is you are quite exotic for being a foreigner. It does not apply to all the girls though, as some will assume you are there for sex only.

Things are a bit harder during the day. Polish girls are not so loose during the day, but they are still approachable if they are single. They are not always used to be hit on while walking down the street, so you will most likely face some rejection.

Do not just walk to a pretty girl. Instead, scout her, make eye contact, smile and so on. Click before you talk.

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Where to Meet Wroclaw Girls?

girls wroclaw

Approaching Wroclaw girls in a chilled environment is the way to go in Poland. You can also try your luck in a shopping mall or down the street, but you have no idea what they are up to. Maybe she is in a rush or maybe she is going to work – time will be a problem then.

However, when you find girls in bars and pubs, chances are they are more relaxed and time will never be a problem.

All in all, during the day, the best places to meet women include the main square – known as Rynek – and the Slodowa Island. It is not an actual island, but a nice place just off the main square. Wroclaw is a youthful city due to is many universities. Many young chicks hang around this place in the evening. It is a regular pre-game area where people hook up before heading to parties.

If you think you are better at picking up Polish chicks in shopping malls, Galeria Dominikanska is probably the best choice – just minutes away from Rynek. Renoma is also worth some attention – in the same area.

When it comes to bars and pubs, most of them are open until late night – some of them turn into clubs during weekends. The Wroclaw nightlife is quite active, with plenty of options around. All in all, Cocktail Bar Max & Dom Whiskey is excellent for a few drinks – it is large and you can spot many groups of single girls hanging around.

Looking for students? Pijalnia Wodki i Piwa is the right choice then. It is part of a chain known for its inexpensive drinks, which means it is a primary location for students. The same goes for Ambasada Wodka Bar, which is conveniently located close to a few nightclubs. In other words, you can find some hot single Polish women in the bar, where you can actually have a conversation, then head to the nearby clubs for some partying.

If you are interested in mature and experienced Polish ladies, head to one of the following:

Still not convinced? Reach to Pasaz Niepolda. It is not a single location, but a wide area covering a plethora of bars and nightclubs. This is not the type of place where you will find classy women. Most of them are around 20 years old, inexperienced and looking for fun.

Do’s and Don’ts

girls in wroclaw

If you have dated Polish babes from other cities, there are no differences. Girls in this country are traditional, so they expect you to be the same. You are supposed to open the door for her, carry something heavy for her and so on.

The man is expected to pay for whatever you want to do during the day. Whether you want to take her out for a drink, have a meal or grab some takeaway coffee and walk in a park, you will most likely pay for everything.

The good news is that MOST girls from Poland do not expect expensive things. There will always be a bunch of gold diggers!

Your attitude is quite important when dating a girl from Wroclaw. First of all, Poland has a problem with men who drink too much. This is the last thing a girl from the city wants. A cocktail might be a good idea in the evening, but not in the morning or during the day.

Second, remember that Polish ladies – especially the ones from large cities – are quite well educated. In the western culture, Polish girls are put in the same category with girls from Eastern countries like Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Belarus and so on.

This is a terrible misconception. And the girl will hate you for it!

While they are just as beautiful, they are not so eager to meet foreigners and leave their countries for better lifestyles.

In other words, you have to treat a Polish girl just like you treat a western girl when dating. Talk about her interests and find out more about her. Polish chicks are quite materialistic too, but they are not so obvious. If they date someone for a relationship, they expect everything in a man and not just money – they want looks, a good communication, education and so on.

I must admit something. I LOVE to eat! Like a lot! And the Polish cuisine is perfect and she knows it!

Poland has its own cuisine. If you go out for a meal, make sure you try something local. Ask her for recommendations, then inquire about her ideas and ask what makes them so special. Polish people are quite patriotic, so they love talking about their culture – even if it is not so obvious, as they also criticize their country.

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Best Nightclubs and Bars to Meet Girls in Wroclaw

The nighttime is the best place to meet girls in Wroclaw. Keep in mind that many girls rely on public transportation, which is quite limited at night. Therefore, the city center is the best place to chill, as everyone is close to it. Otherwise, you will miss many “opportunities” who need to take the last bus home.

Many of the above mentioned bars are open until late – after midnight – and the music goes a bit louder on weekends, so they feel like mini-clubs. There are also specialized clubs that are focused on nothing but wild parties.

Sogo Night Club Wroclaw is one of the top ones in the area. It is large and allows lots of people inside – you will find girls of all ages and all styles, anything from 5s to 10s. Sweet Dream Night Club is also a good option – plenty of beautiful Polish women, well priced drinks and lots of space.

Other good nightclubs worth some attention include:

The best part about nightclubs is the fact that you can spot singles much easier than during the day. Girls from Poland do not really go out partying without their boyfriends or husbands – unless they have ladies’ nights.

Therefore, you can spot singles at a glance.

Grab a drink, look around and once you find a target, give her a few minutes. Scout her, make sure she is not with a man there and try to make some eye contact. If you talk to her in English rather than Polish, you will have a bett​​er shot.

Final Words

In conclusion, Wroclaw makes a good destination for some Polish sugar, whether you are looking for a relationship, a quickie or a few one night stands. Your options are quite diversified, whether it comes to your preferences or the women – who, by the way, are 8s on average.​

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